•  Strategy Development
•  Website Development and Implementation
•  Website Maintenance
•  Traffic Analysis
•  Targeted Traffic Development
Strategy Development

A SWOT analysis of your business leads to developing answers to the two most important questions in marketing communications:
Who is my target audience ? and
What do I want my target audience to do ?

A review and performance analysis of your current marketing communications program can then be done. Identified strengths and deficiencies are accounted for in the development of a new marketing communications strategy focused on the answers to those two most important questions.

Website Development and Implementation

The ISW philosophy is to apply only those technologies and resources needed to meet your business objectives. We keep things simple in order to keep costs low and turnaround time short, and we concentrate on making websites that are a positive, brand-building experience for the target audience.

If you need Flash to accomplish your goal, ISW can help.
If JavaScript, ASP, or other technology is the best way to reach your objectives, ISW can help.

ISW has a network of graphic design and IT resources to meet specific client needs. We work with the client's own staff, and collaborate with third-party service providers.

Please go to our Portfolio page to see examples of our work.

Website Maintenance

One advantage of internet technology is that you don't have to throw out 10,000 catalogues every time you discover a typo, add a product, or change an office address.

Content on the internet is supposed to be dynamic. If you have a new product, add it to the website now. If a mistake is discovered, fix it now. If performance is not quite meeting objectives, make improvements now.

ISW can assist you in the day-to-day maintenance of your website, even if someone else did the original development and implementation.

Traffic Analysis

Do you have a "hit" counter on your website ? Then you are sadly misinformed.
A hit counter cannot give you the information you need to measure true performance and expose opportunities for improvement

By thorough analysis of your traffic log data we can answer important questions such as:
What print or web ads are driving traffic to your site ?
What areas of the website are most appealing / least appealing to visitors ?
Are visitors having difficulty loading pages ?
Do visitors look at one page and leave? or do they view multiple pages ?

Proper traffic analysis provides a detailed, accurate picture of how your communications program is performing. This information allows you to respond, whether by "fine-tuning" the website, altering your media advertising, or other appropriate initiatives.

Targeted Traffic Development

This is the art of getting more of your target audience to actually visit your site. You don't want more "hits", you want more hits from qualified buyers and influencers.
We will be happy to discuss with you the strategies to build targeted traffic.

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